Simhamukha | The Lion Headed Dakini Statue



Simhamukha, The Lion Headed Dakini Statue

The statue is of Simhamukha, also known as Lion Headed Dakini, is a fully enlightened being. She has the face of a white lion, with three round yellow eyes burning ferociously, a gaping mouth, a yellow beard, eyebrows, and hair streaming upward.
The right-hand raises a curved knife to the sky, while the left holds a skull cup of blood to the heart and a khatvanga stick tipped with a trident rests against the shoulder. She wears a tiger hide skirt and a tiara with five skulls, elephant skin, bone jewellery, a long serpent, and fifty freshly severed heads as a necklace. Simhamukha, in a dour mood, stands on the left leg with the right drawn up, trampling on a double triangle symbol, corpse, sun, and multi-coloured lotus seat, amid a flaming inferno of pristine awareness.

Size: 7.87"/27cm (Height) x 5.11"/13 cm (Base)
Weight: 1.422Kg
Materials: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body

She has attained Buddhahood, the state of ultimate wisdom and supreme bliss. Her mind flows in a pure, neoconceptual stream, free from distortion and conceptual overlay. Thus, she is a wisdom Dakini, an insight bestowing female, great victorious mother, female who delights in highest knowledge,” and “enlightened being whose nature is primordial wisdom and ultimate reality. Because her mind is completely purified, every experience in her mental stream has the superior taste of supernal joy. She enjoys a continuous flow of spontaneously arising supreme bliss. Her bliss is spontaneous because it is not dependent on external objects; it leads because it can never be diminished or destroyed.