Dukar | Sitatapatra Hand Carved Statue

SKU: DN416


Dukar Statue, Tibetan Art Of Protector Mother Sitatapatra

Tibetan Buddhist Art, Dukar Statue, also known as Sitatapatra, is unbeatable in supernatural threats, including demons, black magic, and astrologically predetermined misfortunes. She is called after a parasol that isn't your typical umbrella. It's a big, white silken canopy that acts as a status symbol. 

She is popular amongst us as a protector mother from any evil activities. 
She is an invincible protector against every form of supernatural danger, such as demons, black magic, and astrologically ordained mishaps. Offerings to her image establish a link with this solid Vajrayogini Buddha, whose blessings grow more powerful as time passes. The mere sight of her sows the seeds of knowledge in our brains. Her picture calms our immediate surroundings, clears terrible energy, and shields us from outside influences.

Size: 11.2"/28cm (Height) x 7.8"/20cm (Base)
Weight: 2.612 kg Approximately
Medium: Copper Body, 24k Gold and Precious Gems