Standing Dorje Phagmo Statue | Gold Gilded Tibetan Art



Standing Dorje Phagmo Statue, Gold Gilded Tibetan Art 

An artist portrays this gold-gilded Tibetan art from Kathmandu. Dorje Phagmo has a semi wrathful countenance and is represented standing with blazing fire behind her. She wields a graveyard knife in her right hand, while in her left, she wields a skull cup. A khatvanga stick is in the crook of her left elbow with a freshly served skull head. Her two legs are dancing on a human corpse with her hair adorned with a skull headdress moving upward like a fire. Her precious ornaments and jewels, which are her attributes, are finely crafted.

Size: 21 cm /8.2'' (height) 12 cm /4.7'' (width)
Weight: 1.204 kg
Material: Copper Body, 24K Gold Gilded

Dorje Phagmo's incarnation line has maintained her position and increased her power to help others by a combination of deft political maneuvering, captivating presence, and miraculous feats. As a result, the bearers of this incarnation line have been able to maintain their legacy and spread Buddhist teachings.