Yellow Jambhala Statue | The Wealth Deity



Yellow Jambhala Is The Wealth Deity, Statue Art

The statue of Wealth Deity, Yellow Jambhala, is around a masculine deity dressed in heavenly robes and jewels, comparable to a bodhisattva figure in Buddhist art. Jambhala's look is similar to that of a Yaksha figure in Indian art and that of the Four Guardian Kings in Tibetan art. Jambhala belongs to King Appearance, according to the Tibetan Art System of Eleven Iconographic Appearances.

Jambhala is the deity of wealth and the protector of the northern direction in Mahayana Buddhism. He is the Buddhist equivalent of Kubera, the ancient nature spirit (yaksha) who was worshipped as the defender of gems and other valuables in early Hinduism. Jambhala is the yaksha's chief; his other function as a directional guardian (dikpaka) was most likely assumed later.
Size: 11"/28cm(Height) x 7.48" /19cm(Base)
Weight: 3.250kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Painting