Tibetan Green Tara Sculpture | Hand-crafted Mother Tara Statue

SKU: GTY1294


24k Gold Gilded Handcrafted Tibetan Green Tara Statue 

The Tibetan Green Tara Sculpture is considered to be the original Tara and is the female consort of Amoghasiddhi, one of the “self-born” buddhas. The statue was sculptured using a pure copper body and then thickly covered in 24k genuine gold upon the body. In this Tibetan statue, we have depicted a deity on top of a moon disc lotus seat with a peaceful expression while holding 2 blooming lotuses. It took more than a month for us to sculpt this Mother Tara figurine since we had designed the robe, lotus, and other essentials in detail. Tara is the female manifestation of enlightenment in the Buddhist Tradition. Especially in the form of the Green Tara, Sengdeng Nagchi Drölma, she liberates sentient beings from the eight great fears. You can use this figurine for different Buddhist Rituals and meditational practices. 

Size: 9.8"/25cm (Height) x 8.2"/21cm (Base)
Weight: 2.96 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Tara is the savior, the personification of compassion, the one who reaches out and freely replies to everyone who is suffering. Tara is courageous and generous to a fault. Green Tara and White Tara are her most popular incarnations, though she occasionally appears as Red Tara in Dakini form. "Om tare tuttare ture svaha," says Green Tara. White Tara's mantra is "om tare tuttare ture mama ayu Punya jnana pushtim kuru svaha," which means "om tare tuttare ture mama ayu Punya jnana pushtim kuru svaha."