Tibetan Green Tara Statue | Himalayan Sculpture Art

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Tibetan Green Tara Statue, Handmade Art

The statue of Tibetan Green Tara, in particular, has her right leg raised, ready to strike. She is always willing to provide a hand to anyone in need. Her right hand is in the offering mudra of giving. All you have to do is say her name or the Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Swaha mantra.

This Green Tara Statue is embellished with precious corals and turquoise and Gilded with pure 24K Gold. It helps you release hope for a particular outcome and bring the energy back to yourself, generating inner peace and clarity. 

Green Tara sets her apart from other Taras and feminine goddesses with her green complexion and unique stance.
Size: 26.3"/67cm (Height) x 16.5"/42cm (Width)
Weight: 22.845kg
Materials: Copper Body, 24K Gold Gilded