Tibetan White Tara | Long Life Deity

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Traditionally Hand-Carved Tibetan White Tara Statue

This magnificent statue of the Tibetan White Tara was hand-carved in Nepal using traditional Himalayan techniques. Made from an oxidized copper body and decorated with body ornaments that are embedded with numerous precious stones and jewels. She is depicted with seven eyes, one on her forehead and one on each of her hands and feet, indicating her caring alertness to perceive the world's suffering and symbolizing her divine omniscience. This figure can be used in various Buddhist rituals and meditation exercises and will be a perfect gift for a practitioner like you. 

Size: 18.1"/46cm (Height) x 12.2"/31cm (Base)
Weight: 7.90 kg
Material: Oxidized Copper Body

White Tara (also known as Dolma) a Female Buddha in the Buddhist tradition. White Tara appears in the form of a female bodhisattva and goddess for the benefit of every living being. According to mythology, from Avalokiteshvara's tear, which dropped to the earth and formed a lake, she was created. A lotus arose from its waters, which when opened showed the goddess. She, like Avalokiteshvara, is a kind, calming divinity who assists men in their quest to "cross to the other