Tilopa Statue | Traditional Buddhist Art

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Traditionally Hand Carved Tilopa Statue

We have traditionally handcrafted the statue of Tilopa in a copper body gilded with genuine 24k gold and finely hand painted with acrylic colors. In this sculpture, we have portrayed Buddhist Master atop a cushion with a serene expression. We have placed his left leg slightly stretched on the edge of the cushion just above a lotus while his right leg seems halfway folded. Above the left knee, we have placed his left hand, which holds a fish, and we have shown his right hand placed backward of his right knee. His earlobe is elongated in large size, plated with gold, which is mesmerizing. You can use this Buddhist artwork in different Vajrayana practices and in your regular meditational or yoga exercises.  

Size: 8.2"/21cm (Height) x 6.2"/16cm (Base)
Weight: 2.19 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Tilopa was born into the priestly caste, which some traditions claim to be a royal family, but he chose to become a monk after receiving instructions from a dakini (a female buddha whose purpose is to inspire practitioners) to lead a nomadic life. She made it abundantly plain to Tilopa right that the people who had raised him were not his true parents but rather the rudimentary knowledge and the universal voidness. Tilopa adopted a monastic lifestyle over time, following the Dakini's advice, adopting the monastic vows, and developing into a learned scholar. Dakini guided Tilopa's spiritual path, and the distance between him and enlightenment was closed by the regular visits of his dakini instructor.