Hand-Carved Statue | Guru Rinpoche with Trisong Detsen and Santaraksita



Padmasambhava, Gold Gilded Statue with Trisong Detsen and Santaraksita 

This statue is a set of Guru Padmasambhava with Trisong Detsen and Santaraksita. Trisong Detsen is second of three "Dharma Kings" who established Buddhism in Tibet where Santaraksita is important influential Indian Buddhist philosopher, particularly for the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. 

This Beautiful Statue will be a great gift for your shrine.

Size:  Guru Rinpoche : 21cm \ 8.26'' (height) x 14cm\12.2" (width)

          Trisong Detsen : 26 cm\10.2" (height) x 22cm\8.66" (width)

          Santaraksita : 26 cm \10.2"(height)  x22cm\8.66" (width)
Weight: 9.198kg