Ushnisha Sitatapatra Statue | Dukar | Buddhist Protector Deity

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Ushnisha Sitatapatra, Statue Of Buddhist Protector Deity, Dukar

The statue is of the Buddhist protector deity Ushnisha Sitatapatra also known as Dukar. She is popular amongst us as a protector mother from any unethical activities. An artist from Kathmandu has beautifully sculpted her. Fully gold gilded with intricate hand carvings. 
She has eyes on her hands and soles of her feet, with three eyes on each head. The goddess encroaches on the enemies of spiritual accomplishment (such as wrath, greed, and illusion) with her countless feet, standing victorious within an arc burning with the fire of wisdom. The white umbrella of protection is in Ushnisha-major Sitatapatra's hands. 
She is an invincible protector against every form of supernatural danger, such as demons, black magic, and astrologically ordained mishaps.

Size: 14"/38cm (Height) x 10"/24cm (Base)
Weight: 6.23 kg Approximately
Medium: Copper Body, 24k Gold and precious gems