Vajrapani Buddha Statue | Handmade Bodhisattva Statue

SKU: VPO1730


Traditional Tibetan Wrathful Vajrapani Buddha Statue 

The Vajrapani Buddha Statue was meticulously crafted by hand utilizing a traditional Himalayan art technique. The figure is carved from a copper body, gilded with 24k genuine gold and finely painted with acrylic paint to highlight the intricate design patterns. Vajrapani is shown dancing fiercely within the halo flames which illuminates the figure. He holds a vajra with a raised right arm and a lasso with his left.  He is presented in a wrathful taut posture. He has a skull crown with a serpent necklace. You can use this statue for various Buddhist rituals as well as your everyday meditational practices. 

This Traditional Vajrapani Tibetan Art will be a perfect addition to your shrine.

Size: 12.5"/32cm (Height) x 9"/23cm (Base)
Weight: 3.59 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Vajrapani, known as “chag na dor je” in Tibetan, is one of the earliest deities of Mahayana Buddhism. He represents the power of all Buddha. With the opening of the third eye, he looks ferocious. He is a Bodhisattva who represents the enlightened mind's energy, and his mantra reflects that characteristic. The dancing within the halo flames represents transformation. The holding of Vajra stands for power that cuts through the delusion’s darkness, and the lasso is to bind demons.