Handmade Vajrasattva Statue | Fine Quality 24K Gold Gilded Dorje Sempa Statue



Vajrasattva Statue, Purely Handmade Gold Gilded Dorje Sempa

This fine-quality Vajrasattva statue is the magnificent work of a Nepali artist who is from Kathmandu. Fully gold-gilded adorned with turquoise and corals. This is the perfect statue for a practitioner who is doing Ngondro. 

Vajrasattva/Dorje Sempa is regarded as a meditation deity or 'Thunderbolt being'. It is depicted with a bell in his left hand at the level of his hip and a Vajra in his right hand at his chest.

Size: 48 cm/18.8" (Height) x 30 cm/11.8"
Weight: 10kg
Medium: 24K Gold, Copper Body, Precious Stones

This meticulously hand-carved Vajrasattva statue is perfect for your shrine.