Dorje Sempa | Buddhist Deity | Vajrasattva Statue | Ngondro Practice



Vajrasattva Statue For Preliminary Practice, Handmade Gold Gilded Dorje Sempa Statue

This is a beautifully made Vajrasattva statue by the artist of Kathmandu. A fully gold gilded, it is made using centuries-old statue-making techniques. Finely hand carved it is a great inspiration for any practitioner. 

Dorje Sempa (Vajrasattva) is depicted with a bell in his left hand at the level of his hip and a Vajra in his right hand at his chest. The bell symbolizes wisdom and the vajra, compassion. He sits serenely with legs crossed upon a moon disc atop a lotus seat. 

Size: 33 cm/12.99" (Height) x 24 cm/9.44" (Width)
Weight: 3.084kg
Medium: 24K Gold, Copper Body, Precious Stones

This meticulously hand-carved statue is perfect for your Ngondro practice.