Dorje Sempa Statue | Traditional 24K Gold Vajrasattva Statue



Dorje Sempa Statue, Purely Handmade with 24K Gold Gilded and
Embedded with Precious Corals and Turquoise for Vajrasattva Practice

Vajrasattva is depicted with a bell in his left hand at the level of his hip and a Vajra in his right hand at his chest. The bell symbolizes wisdom and the vajra, compassion. He sits serenely with legs crossed upon a moon disc atop a lotus seat. The lotus seat symbolizes that he remained in this impure cycle of samsara for the benefit of sentient beings, and yet, remained unstained by its faults.
This meticulously hand-carved statue is perfect for your Vajrasattva practice.

Size: 41 cm/16" (Height) x 31 cm/12"(Base)
Weight: 3.65 kg
Medium: 24K Gold, Copper Body, Precious Stones
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