Vajrasattva Statue | Tibetan Statue Plated With Pure 24K Gold



Vajrasattva Statue, Traditionally Handmade Sculpture

Vajrasattva is one of the earliest practices in Vajrayana Buddhism. It is also central to Shingon Buddhism. It is a beautiful manifestation of Vajradhara or of Samantabadra. Vajradhara and Samatabadra are two names for the ultimate Dharmakaya aspect of Buddha.

Vajrasattva is regarded as a meditation deity or 'Thunderbolt being'. This Vajrasattva Statue is depicted with a bell in his left hand at the level of his hip and a Vajra in his right hand at his chest.

This meticulously hand-carved statue is perfect for your Vajrasattva practice.

Size: 34cm/13.3" (Height) x 23cm/9" (Base)
Weight: 3.32kg
Materials: 24K Gold, Copper Body