Naropa Tradition Vajrayogini Statue | Finely Hand Carved | Buddhist Art



Beautifully Hand carved Vajrayogini Dakini Statue, Gold Plated Statue

Vajrayogini is the queen of Dakinis the female Tantric deities or “sky dancers”. The Statue is in her dancing, leaping, and soaring poses proclaim that she is fully alive and joyously free.
She is the supreme teacher of the Anuttarayoga Tantra, the Yoga practice that allow those who are plagued by strong desires and attachment, to attain enlightenment. She is generally depicted as a beautiful young girl with three eyes and the traditional aspects of a dakini, including a “driguk” (a vajra-handled knife) in her right hand and a kapala (skull) filled with blood in her left hand.

This meticulously hand made Vajrayogini statue for your meditation practice.
Size: 25cm/ 9.8" (Height) x 16cm / 6.2" (Base)
Weight: 1.630kg (approximately)