Tara, the Female Bodhisattva

Tara, the Female Bodhisattva

The Moon of Primordial Wisdom; Yeshe Dawa There lived a princess named Yeshe Dawa many eons ago. She was the "Moon of the Primordial Wisdom." Throu...
green tara

How Does Mother Tara Emanate?

Mother Tara is an extraordinary deity who appears in various forms, like the Wisdom Dakini, in order to guide us.
Garuda: Terrifying Mythology or Inordinate Symbolism

Garuda: Terrifying Mythology or Inordinate Symbolism

How was Garuda originated? Garuda 'the devourer' is popular in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology. In both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, Garuda...
Maitreya Buddha and Shakyamuni Buddha

Maitreya, the Future Buddha

Love is the motivation for entering the practice of the Vajrayana. A telling sign that this practice has been successful is its limitless expressio...
Vajrasattva practice

The Vajrasattva Practice for Purification

Vajrasattva, The Diamond or Adamant Vajrasattva, like other Buddhist deities, is opposed to the idea of ego. Consequently, neither "who" nor "what"...
Vajrayogini and Vajravarahi

Vajrayogini and the Naropa Tradition

Mahasiddha Naropa and Vajrayogini The great Mahasiddha Naropa is the lineage holder of the Chakrasamvara tradition. He was once the foremost schola...