1000 Arm Chenrezig | Buddha Of Compassion | Bodhisattva Statue



1000 Arm Chenrezig also Buddha Of Compassion, Bodhisattva Statue

An artisan from Kathmandu sculpted this 1000-arm bodhisattva Chenrezig statue. The Buddha of compassion sculpture is handcrafted and depicts his multiple faces and arms while standing on a lotus throne surrounded by finely sculpted Halo. He's dressed in exquisite jewelry and silk with beautiful patterns. His left hand carries a lotus, bow, arrow, and an Empowerment vase, while his right hand holds a crystal rosary, Dharmachakra, and one in giving mudra, respectively, out of 1000 arms. His first two hands are closed with a wish-fulfilling stone near his chest. He has eleven multiple personalities. On top of each head, one of which is a wrathful form, and the other is a buddha.

Size: 16.5"/42cm (Height) x 12.9"/33cm (Base)
Weight: 3.360 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Chenrezig is one of the most popular Bodhisattva in Vajrayana. It is celebrated and placed at the heart of every Tibetan Himalayan community
The practice of Avalokiteshvara is encouraged to develop a calm and compassionate heart. Compassion is the root foundation for excelling in the Buddhist path. Kind, Calm, and Open Mind is only possible if we are compassionate. Avalokiteshvara is used to do visual meditation practice to develop a calm, kind, and compassionate heart.
This inspiring Buddhist art would be an excellent gift for a practitioner like you!