5 Dzambhala Statue Set | Yellow, Red, Green, Black and White Dzambhala Set



The God of Wealth, 5 Dzambhala Statue Set 

This statue set includes the 5 dzmabhala, Yellow Dzambhala, Red Dzambhala, Green Dzambhala, Black Dzambhala, and White Dzambhala. To fit your meditation altar, they are all hand-crafted in the same sizes from a copper body and then gilded with 24k genuine gold. Every statue is finely painted with different types of colors. Each statue is depicted with a different meaning which can be seen in the posture and the items that they hold. Each statue is flawlessly painted with acrylic paint which highlights the intricate design patterns and significance if the deity. One of the most well preserved traditions of Nepal, our hand made gold statues surely exemplifies the finest artistry of Newars from the Kathmandu Valley.

They will be a great gift for a practitioner like you from Nepal. 

Size: 14.1"/36cm (Height) x 10.2"/26cm (Base)
Weight: 25.41 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Jambala is the wealth deity of Buddhist pantheon. Avalokitesvara or Chenrezig, the Compassionate Bodhisattva, is thought to be his embodiment. There are five wealth Jambhalas, each with its own set of practices and mantras for overcoming poverty and gaining financial stability. Among them, the Yellow Jambala is the most popular one and practiced all over the globe by the practitioners.