6 Armed Mahakala, 24K Gold Plated Mahakala Statue, Traditionally Hand Carved

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Purely Hand Carved Six-Armed Mahakala Statue, Traditional Buddhist Art

Sometimes the power of great compassion is needed to break the iron grip of our clinging to what is thought to be a solid, real, substantial self, ego, or soul. The archetype icon is none other than a representation of the archetypal force that comes from within oneself and is harnessed to overcome that ego. Even though one may recognize the ego to be a false, unreal construction, one is nevertheless primordially deeply loathe relinquishing the idea of its existence supporting us. So Mahakala, the archetype and protector, can be of essential help, like a fearsome warrior ally, if one chooses to wage war with one's ego and negative aspects in the process of opening up the Buddha-nature, which is the non-ego, non-self, non-soul, pure and omniscient "clear light" nature of all beings. The wrathful form of Mahakala is compassion personified and expressed as the power that can be harnessed and turned against the incredibly wily, stubborn, subtle, and stealthy enemy–the self-inflicted ego.

This Mahakala statue presents all the right attributes for your meditation practice.
Size: 13"/ 33 cm X 9"/22 cm
Weight: 5.82 Kg
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