Amitabha Buddha Bronze Statue | Oxidized Copper Buddhist Art



Classic Amitabha Buddha Bronze Statue for Meditation

This magnificent Amitabha Buddha bronze statue uses intricately crafted traditional Himalayan themes and decorations. The statue is made entirely of oxidized copper and took months to carve. The Buddha serenely sits atop a moon disc lotus flower holding an alms bowl on his lap while performing the 'Dhyan Mudra.' The detailed carvings on his robe, lotus seat and his Unisha are all meticulously done by our artists. 

Add this excellent art piece to your shrine, or gift it to a devotee yourself for daily Buddhist rituals and activities.

Size: 9"/23cm (Height) x 5.5"/14cm (Base)
Weight: 1.68 kg
Material: Oxidized Copper Body

Amitabha is one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, alongside Akobhya, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasambhava, and Vairocana. Amitabha is known for his longevity and accumulation purification, as well as his profound understanding of the emptiness of all phenomena. Amitabha was once a monarch, according to legend. He abdicated his throne to become a Dharmakara Bodhisattva monk. Before attaining enlightenment and becoming a Buddha, he worked for five eons. Amitabha is a Buddhist deity that is associated with compassion and wisdom.