Amitabha Buddha Gold Sculpture | Hand Carved Gold Gilded Art

SKU: ABD1600


Traditionally Hand-Carved Amitabha Buddha Gold Sculpture 

This magnificent Amitabha Buddhist gold statue was hand crafted by our talented craftsmen at our studio in Kathmandu, Nepal. The finer features of the work can be observed in the elaborate design patterns that have been masterfully carved on the robe the deity wears. This statue was skilfully constructed with a body of copper and a coating of real 24k genuine gold. He is seated upon a moon disc lotus with a peaceful expression as he holds an alms bowl over his lap.  The statue is highlighted further by the acrylic paint, giving it a captivating appearance.

Size: 5.5"/14cm (Height) x 3.9"/10cm (Base)
Weight: 0.586 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Amitabha is well-known for his longevity, the accumulation of discernment, pure perception, and the profound awareness of the emptiness of phenomena. According to these scriptures, Amitabha has infinite merit as a result of his good deeds in countless previous lives as a bodhisattva named Dharmakra. Because Amitabha means "Infinite Light" and Amityus means "Infinite Life," Amitabha is also known as "The Buddha of Immeasurable Light and Life."