Amitayus Buddha Statue | Traditional Himalayan Art Nepal

SKU: ATN1316


Traditionally Hand Crafted Amitayus Buddha Statue.

Handcrafted by the best craftsmen of Nepal, this statue of the Amitayus Buddha was carved from a copper body and then gilded with genuine 24k gold in our studio. You can use this sculpture in different Buddhist ceremonies, for home décor, and at your regular meditational activities. Amitayus is depicted cross-legged and adorned with precious jewelry over his body. His hair flows down the sides of his shoulders as he sits atop a lotus seat. He wears a golden crown encrusted with precious stones as he holds a vase full of nectar in his hands. The use of Acrylic painting highlights the statue to a greater extent giving it mesmerizing look. You can use this figurine for different Buddhist Rituals and meditational practices. 

Size: 14.1"/36cm (Height) x 9.4"/24cm (Base)
Weight: 5.48 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Amitayus, often known as "The Buddha of Endless Life," is a sambhogakaya aspect of Amitabha, commonly linked with longevity. He is frequently depicted reclining and holding a vase with the nectar of immortality. One of the three gods of immortality, Amitayus is one of the three gods of immortality.