Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Statue | Traditionally Hand Carved Indoor Art

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Traditionally Hand Carved Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Statue

We have magnificently handcrafted the statue of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha in copper body, gilded with genuine 24k gold, and colored with acrylic paintings. In this Tibetan sculpture, we have exquisitely sculpted the figure in a traditional Himalayan style of Nepal. We are the artist of Kathmandu valley whose art skills in making ancient Buddhist statues have passed from many generations. We have portrayed Medicine Buddha, also known as Lapis Lazuli, at the top of a moon disc lotus seat with a peaceful expression, holding a medicinal herb in his right hand while a vase in his left hand. You can utilize this artwork in various Vajrayana practices and regular meditational or yoga sessions. We have adorned the robe, lotus, and other essentials with precious jewels of high quality and will last for many years without any damage. This indoor figurine from Nepal will be a great gift to a practitioner like you. 

Size: 12.9"/33cm (Height) x 8.6"/22cm (Base)
Weight: 4 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Medicine Buddha, also known as Bhaishajyaguru in Sanskrit, is regarded as the Buddha of Healing. His teachings aim to free sentient beings from sickness, pain, anguish, and unhappiness while also emphasizing the need to acquire prosperity and enjoyment in this life. Many meditators in the Mahayana tradition admire his healing abilities.