Medicine Buddha Bhaishajyaguru Sculpture | The Buddha Of Medicine And Healing

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Gold Golded Medicine Buddha Bhaishajyaguru Sculpture

The Bhaishajyaguru Sculpture, commonly referred to as Healing Buddha, has been expertly carved in the style of Himalayan art. With a calm look with a vase in his left hand and a myrobalan plant in his right, we have portrayed a god sitting atop a moon disc lotus seat. Here the figurine is molded using copper and gilded using genuine 24K gold. We are the Kathmandu Valley artists whose craft of creating vintage Vajrayana sculptures has been passed down from generation to generation. On his left hand, he holds a vase, and on the right, he holds a myrobalan plant. We have silver plated the vase while the body figurine is gold gilded. We adorned the lotus seat with precious corals. 

This statue of Medicine Buddha has accurate traditional iconography and fine details and will be a perfect gift to a devotee like you from Nepal.

Size: 7"/18cm (Height) x 5.1"/13cm (Base)
Weight: 0.926 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings, Silver Plated

Medicine Buddha, also known as Bhaishajyaguru in Sanskrit, is regarded as the Buddha of Healing. His teachings aim to free sentient beings from sickness, pain, anguish, and unhappiness while emphasizing the need for prosperity and enjoyment in this life. Many meditators in the Mahayana tradition admire his healing abilities. He is frequently shown with a blue (lapis lazuli) body and hands carrying a begging bowl and medical herbs.