Black Dzambala Statue | Finely Hand-Carved Jambala Statue | Wealth Deity



Black Dzambala Statue, Wealth Deity

Black Dzambala is one of the most invoked wealth deities in the Himalayan community. He has one head and two arms. The right-hand holds the top of a skull in front of his chest as a blood container, and the left-hand holds a mongoose expelling wish-fulfilling jewels. On his head is a crown of five skulls in the shape of the Five-Buddha crown; around his neck is a string of 50 prayer beads made of human skulls, with five-colored snakes as bracelets on hands, feet and neck.

This Jambala statue, is perfect for your Vajrayana practice.
Size: 30cm/11.8" (Height) x 20cm/7.87" (Base)
Weight: 3.08 kg (approximate)
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body