Buddha Statue | Shakyamuni Buddha | Plated With 24K Gold



Shakyamuni Buddha Statue, Himalayan Handmade Buddhist Statue

The practice of Shakyamuni Buddha helps to purify negative action of body, speech and mind. His teachings are important for anyone who wants to progress in spiritual path.

This Buddha Statue with a calm and peaceful face is seated in vajra posture on a lotus seat. His left hand depicts in the meditation posture while the right hand is in the earth-witness-mudra. This beautiful handmade Buddha statue is made up of copper body and coated with pure 24 K Gold, hand-carved with turquoise and coral.

A perfect Buddha Statue for your meditation shrine.

Size: 38cm/14.9" (Height) x 24cm/ 9.4" (Base)
Weight: 4.778kg
Materials: Copper Body, Genuine 24K Gold, Gemstones