Buddha Vajrasattva Statue | Hand Carved Himalayan Art

SKU: VSM1338


Hand Crafted Sculpture of The Buddha Vajrasattva 

This Buddha Vajrasattva statue was traditionally carved by master craftsmen in Nepal with flawless design and months of hard work. Carved from a copper body and then gilded with 24k gold in our studio. The vajra (or Dorje) and a bell, which together stand for the body, speech, and mind of the Buddha, are held by the Vajrasattva. The vajra and bell are grasped in the right and left hands, respectively, during the Tantric ritual. The bell signifies knowledge, the feminine principle, while the vajra represents the Buddha's wisdom, the masculine principle. These ideas need to be put together to become enlightened. When used in ritual, the vajra and ghanta clear the area of unfavorable energies and increase favorable energy for good deeds. You can use this figurine for different Buddhist Rituals and meditational practices. 

Size: 14.9"/38cm (Height) x 10.6"/27cm (Base)
Weight: 3.53 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Vajrasattva is typically regarded as the second patriarch in the Shingon Buddhist lineage, the first being Vairocana Buddha. According to Kukai's writings in Record of the Dharma Transmission, Nagarjuna encountered Vajrasatva in an iron tower in southern India, based on Amoghavajra's testimony. As recounted in the Mahavairocana Sutra, Vajrasatva inducted Nagarjuna into the abhiseka ceremony and entrusted him with the esoteric teachings he had gained from Vairocana Buddha. Kukai doesn't go into detail on Vajrasatva or his beginnings.