Chakrasamvara Practice Statue | Buddhist Deity With Consort Sculpture

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Traditionally Copper Chakrasamvara Practice Statue

The Chakrasamvara Practice Statue was artistically hand-carved in our studio using traditional Himalayan art. This statue depicts the deity embracing his consort, Vajravarahi, while standing on a sun disc lotus seat. This artwork may be used in Buddhist practices and regular yoga or meditation routines. We have placed the firey halo that engulfs the statue. We molded the figurine using oxidized copper. With the crossed arm, he embraces his consort whilst holding a Vajra in each hand. He is depicted with his right leg extended and standing on the back of wrathful Ishvara's worldly deity (also known as Bhairava). At the same time, his left leg is bent and tramples on the breast of Bhairava's consort, the goddess Kalarati. represents Chakrasamvara's capacity to defeat the forces of ignorant hate and eager attachment, respectively.

A practitioner like you will be thrilled to get this indoor figure as a gift from Nepal.

Size: 7.8"/20cm (Height) x 5.9"/15cm (Base)
Weight: 1.20 kg
Material: Oxidized Copper Body

Chakrasamvara is the principal meditational deity of the mother tantras. He has four faces and twelve arms. He appears to be standing on a sun disc, encircled by a fiery aura of his luminous understanding. His hands are crossed in the embracing mudra, and the vajra and bell, representing united happiness and nothingness, are held in his hands. In the way of an ascetic yogi, he wears a tiger skin garment. The third eye of wisdom is on his forehead, and his countenance blends rage and passion.