Chenrezig Practice Statue | Tibetan 4 Armed Deity

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Tibetan 4 Armed Chenrezig Practice Statue

The Chenrezig Practice Statue was handcrafted in our studio using a traditional Himalayan art style. We artistically made this statue, which has a stunning copper body. We have portrayed a deity with a serene facial expression seated on a moon disc lotus throne. He holds a lotus in his upper-left hand and a crystal rosary in his upper-right hand. With both of his lower hands, he is holding a gem that grants wishes. This statue may be used in several Vajrayana ceremonies and your normal yoga or meditation practices. We can ensure that the sculpture will last many years without suffering harm because only the best materials were used to create it. The use of acrylic paintings and the gilding of 24K genuine gold beautifully highlight the attributes of the statue. The grand lotus throne is the eye-catching feature of this piece of art.

This will be a tremendous gift from Nepal to a practitioner like you that will aid you in your daily practices.

Size: 15.7"/40cm (Height) x 11.8"/30cm (Base)
Weight: 3.17 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara) is a Boddhisattva deity in Buddhism, embodying and inspiring practitioners to practice generosity, morality, patience, perseverance, meditation, and wisdom to become truly beautiful from within. In times of challenge and difficulty, he listens to the prayers of all sentient beings. Chenrezig vows never to rest until he has helped free all sentient beings from samsara, but his task is daunting despite his best efforts. To serve his promise, he commonly takes the form of eleven heads and a thousand arms. His mantra can inspire us to practice true inner transformation of our negative qualities into selfless motivation to serve others through prayers, offerings, and meditations.