Dakini Vajrayogini | Female Yidam Statue



Vajrayogini is a Female Yidam, Dakini Statue

Vajrayogini, a wrathful dakini, is the most well-known female meditational deity. In this 24K gold-gilded statue made by the artist from Kathmandu, she is a female Yidam holding a vajra-handled curved flaying knife and sipping from a skull bowl with a Khatangva. The flaming fire behind her portrays her wrathful visage with three eyes, sharp teeth, and a skull head headdress.  Her legs are upon dead humans, and her body's adorned in a garland of newly sliced skulls that almost reach the ankle. Her right leg is bent and pushed up to her inner thigh in a dancer's pose.

Size: 26cm/10.23" (Height) x 18cm/"7.08 (Width)
Weight: 1.520 Kg
Materials: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body

Vajrayogin is a generic female yidam, and while she is occasionally depicted simply as Vajrayogin, she is shown in a different form in almost two-thirds of her sadhanas. Vajravarahi and Krodikali are some of her other manifestations. Vajrayogini is a Vajrayana Buddhist meditation deity and a dakini.