Dorje Phagmo | The Female Buddha Statue



Dorje Phagmo is also The Female Buddha Statue.

Dorje Phagmo, often known as "The Female Buddha," is a meditational deity. The artist from Kathmandu portrayed her as a wrathful Dakini surrounded by a blazing fire. Her ornaments are skull heads with her red hair flowing upward like a fire. Her right hand is holding a golden knife in the sky, while her left hand is holding a skullcup with a trident wrapped around her elbow. She has three eyes, her naked body is covered with jewels, and she dances with her right leg flexed and her left leg straight.

Size: 27cm/10.6" (Height) x 19cm/7.4" (Width)
Weight: 1.828 Kg
Materials: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body

Dorje Phagmo is one of the most popular female Tantric deities in all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. She is also known as Vajravarahi, who represents complete Buddhahood in female form.1