Four-Armed Chenrezig Statue | Gold Plated Bodhisattva | Himalayan Art



Goldplated Four-Armed Chenrezig Statue With Copper Body, Precious Corals, and Turquoise

This Four armed Chenrezig statue is hand-carved with turquoise and coral, a beautifully calm expression on the face, gilded with pure Gold. His two front hands are in a devotional gesture, clasped in front of his jewel-draped heart. His upper right hand holds his special symbol, a crystal akshamala, or rosary, a symbol of the never-ending cycle.

According to legend, in front of Buddha Amitabha, Bodhisattva Chenrezig made firm vows to consciously materialize into the three realms of samsara in order to free all sentient beings from samsara and serve as their supreme guide. He also pledged that if his compassion and fearless mind of mercy for all sentient beings dwindled, he would let his brain and body entirely break and fall apart into a thousand pieces. Avalokiteshvara went through universal manifestations into the three realms of existence after receiving blessings from Buddha Amitabha. After that, he went to Hell and taught the Great Compassion mantra, which freed them from both the hot and cold hells.

Size: 18.8"/48cm (Height) x 12.5"/32cm (Width)
Weight: 10.47 kg (approximately)
Medium: 24K Gold, Copper Body, Precious Corals, and Turquoise