Four Armed Chenrezig Statue Himalayan Statue | Traditional Tibetan Art

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Traditional Handcrafted Four Armed Chenrezig Statue Himalayan Statue

The Four Armed Chenrezig Statue Himalayan Statue was crafted in our studio in Kathmandu by our most skilled artists. The figure is carved from a copper body, gilded with 24k genuine gold and finely painted with acrylic paint, which highlights the intricate design patterns of the statue. The statue helps people practice visual meditation and cultivate calm, gentle, and compassionate hearts. Success on the Buddhist path is rooted in compassion. The statue is decorated with precious jewels that have been embedded on the statue. This figure can be used in a variety of Buddhist rituals and meditation exercises.

Size: 8.6"/22cm (Height) x 6.6"/17cm (Base)
Weight: 1.75 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Chenrezig epitomizes the bodhisattva's determination to delay attaining Buddhahood until he has assisted every sentient being on Earth in achieving freedom from pain and the cycle of death and rebirth. His name has been translated as "the lord who observes in all directions." The practice of Chenrezig/Avalokiteshvara is encouraged to develop a calm and compassionate heart. Compassion is the root foundation for excelling in the Buddhist path. He listens to the prayers of all sentient beings in times of challenge and difficulty.