Green Tara | Gold Gilded Buddhist Art | Tara Statue

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Himalayan Buddhist Art, Tara Statue

Green Tara is seated on a lotus throne with her right leg hanging down, wearing the ornaments of a bodhisattva and holding the closed blue lotus (utpala).Tara is the female manifestation of enlightenment in the Buddhist Tradition. Especially in the form of the Green Tara, Sengdeng Nagchi Drölma, she liberates sentient beings from the eight great fears, The statue consists of triple-Layered Gold, 3D Embossed Carving with Deep Multi-Layered Engraving, and High-Quality Semi-Precious Hand Carved Stones.

This hand-carved statue, with embedded precious corals and turquoise, Pure 24K Gold Gilded
Size: 27 cm/ 10.62" (Height) X 14 cm/ 5.51" (Base)
Weight: 2.14 kg (approximately)