Green Tara Art | Traditional Buddhist Sculpture



Traditional Buddhist Art of Green Tara

We have exquisitely hand-carved the art of Green Tara in a traditional Himalayan style. We are the Kathmandu Valley artist whose artisan in making ancient Vajrayana statues has passed through generations. In this sculpture, the Female Buddha holds an utpala in both hands, gesturing Vitarka with her right hand while her left hand is making earth touching mudra. We have magnificently adorned the crown of Mother Tara with precious gemstones and turquoise and embellished the ornaments with valuable corals and pearls. We have depicted a deity seated on top of a moon disc lotus seat with a serene expression. This elegantly hand-crafted copper body and gilded with genuine 24k gold figurine will be a tremendous gift from Nepal to a practitioner like you. 

Size: 14"/36cm (Height) x 11"/28cm (Base)
Weight: 5.256 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Green Tara is the manifestation from whence all of Tara's other forms emerge, connected with enlightened action and active compassion. Tara is the most revered of the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon's female enlightened deities. She is "the mother of all buddhas" and "she who ferries beings over the ocean of samsara" since she is the embodiment of enlightened love and compassion.