Green Tara Buddha | Handmade Bodhisattva Statue



Green Tara Buddha Statue, Handmade 24K Gold Gilded

Green Tara Buddha Statue is hand-carved, embedded with precious corals and turquoise, gilded with Pure 24K Gold. Tara's enlightened activity has the potential to protect human beings who connect with her practice from all fears and the causes of these fears. Her Mantra is " OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA".

Green Tara is the manifestation from whence all of Tara's other forms emerge, connected with enlightened action and active compassion. Tara is the most revered of the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon's female enlightened deities. She is "the mother of all buddhas" and "she who ferries beings over the ocean of samsara" since she is the embodiment of enlightened love and compassion.
Size: 16.9"/43cm (Height) x 11.8"/30cm (Width)
Weight: 9.706Kg
Materials: Copper Body, 24K Gold Gilded