Green Tara Statue | Mother of Compassion Deity



Traditionally Hand-carved Buddhist Deity, Green Tara Statue 

This beautiful handmade copper statue of Buddhist Deity Green Tara Statue which is 33cm tall. She is known as Shyamatara in Sanskrit and Sgrol-ljang in Tibetan. We sculpted this beautiful bronze statue of Green Tara in our studio by our master artisans. Sculpting a statue takes months of bringing it into life. Tara is seen seated on a moon disc lotus with a peaceful expression, holding an utpala in both hands. 

This art of Himalayan will be a tremendous mediational gift from Nepal to a practitioner like you.

Size: 12.9"/33cm (Height) x 9.4"/24cm (Base)
Weight: 4.11 kg
Material: Oxidized Copper Body

Green Tara is the manifestation from whence all of Tara's other forms emerge, connected with enlightened action and active compassion. Tara is the most revered of the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon's female enlightened deities. She is "the mother of all buddhas" and "she who ferries beings over the ocean of samsara" since she is the embodiment of enlightened love and compassion.