Green Tara Mantra Practice Statue | Traditional Tibetan Style Buddhist Statue

SKU: GTN2925


Gold Gilded Green Tara Mantra Practice Statue for Meditation and Ritual

The copper body of this Green Tara mantra practice statue has been delicately gilded in gold, giving it a warm and captivating luster. The expert use of acrylic paint brings out the minute features of the statue, giving it a polished appearance and adding depth and richness. Well-placed turquoise and other gem embellishments adorn White Tara's crown, necklace, and other decorative features, adding to the statue's splendor. 

The compassionate Green Tara is depicted seated atop a moon disc lotus seat as she performs the 'Prithvi Mudra' with her right hand, signifying the healing and spiritual balance within the body. She is also shown portraying the 'Varada Mudra,' a gesture of offering and compassion with her left hand while holding a flower of Utpala. Two lotuses, one fully bloomed and the other semi-blooming, sit beside her head, a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and the triumph of spirit over adversity. 

The statue is perfect for any devotee like yourself and can be used for various Buddhist rituals and activities like meditation and yoga.

Size: 10.6"/27cm (Height) x 7.4"/19cm (Base)
Weight: 2.40 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Green Tara is the manifestation from whence all of Tara's other forms emerge, connected with enlightened action and active compassion. Tara is the most revered of the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon's female enlightened deities. She is "the mother of all buddhas" and "she who ferries beings over the ocean of samsara" since she is the embodiment of enlightened love and compassion.