Green Tara Statue | Tibetan Sculpture | Hand Carved Tara



Green Tara Statue, Aesthetic Bronze Tara Statue

A beautiful solid bronze Green Tara Statue may just be what's missing from your Green Tara practice. Not only is it meticulously handcrafted by the local Kathmandu artisans and is iconographically precise, it is also equally aesthetically pleasing. Green Tara is the female counterpart of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara - she is believed to have emanated from the tear of compassion for the sentient beings that he shed from his right eye. 

The drop of tear supposedly fell to the ground and formed a lake. A lotus rose out of its waters which opened up and revealed the goddess. Like Avalokiteshvara, she is a compassionate, succouring deity. As symbolism and myth would have it, she helps men “cross to the other shore.” She is the protectress of navigation and spiritual travel along the path to enlightenment.

Size: 25.9"/66cm (Height) x 16.5"/42cm (Base)
Weight: 17kg