Jambhala Antique Statue | Tibetan Wealth Deity Hand Made Artwork

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Tibetan Wealth Deity Jambhala Antique Statue

We have exclusively hand-carved the Buddhist Jambhala Antique Statue sculpture in the traditional Himalayan Art of Nepal. The sculpture was expertly made by hand utilizing a copper body gilded with 24K pure gold, and delicately painted with acrylic paint, bringing out the statue's finer nuances. Here the deity is portrayed on the top of a sun disc lotus seat. The crown was carefully crafted and covered in precious gemstones. The deity's face is illuminated by the halo that has been put behind the face. The decorations on the deity's forehead, torso, brows, and mustache are blue. The halo is the main highlight of this piece of art. It took us months and months of hard work to craft such a Jambhala statue.

This statue has accurate traditional iconography and fine details and will be a perfect gift to a devotee like you from Nepal.

Size: 14.5"/37cm (Height) x 11.4"/29cm (Base)
Weight: 5.39 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

The Buddhist Sculpture of Kubera portrays the lord of wealth and the savior of the north. The blessing of Dzambala and the value of his practice are universal. It assists us in minimizing or reducing all misfortunes and obstacles and growing all good fortune and happiness. Kubera's mission from the gods in Hinduism was to make worshippers wealthy. This gold-gilded Dzambhala statue is excellent for Vajrayana practice.