Kalachakra Statue | Traditional Yab-Yum, 24K Gold Sculpture Art of Nepal



Kalachakra Deity- Yab Yum Statue, Hand-carved Gold Statue from Nepal

This magnificent Kalachakra statue, one of the precisely crafted statue from our studio. The art of carving statues on a copper body is a very sacred tradition, well preserved and practiced wisely in Nepal. The traditional art of gold plating a metal statue is a globally appreciated art form of the Himalayas. We as group of artisans from Kathmandu are working to nurture and preserve this method in its very original form.

The making of Kalachakra was a complicated task for us and took us exactly a year to accomplish.  We have put together well researched resources, refined materials and our expertise to create this master piece of kalachakra, perfect to support your practice.

Size: 24.80"/63cm (Height) x 18.11"/46cm(Base)

Weight: 22kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

12 Armed Kalachakra (Yab-Yum) is very significant in tantra and it symbolizes the union of great bliss and profound wisdom. This union represents the experience of enlightenment, the result of the tantric meditations is very complex. The statue was hand-carved by Nepali Artisians based in Kathmandu gilded in pure 24k Gold in a copper body.

Kalachakra has 4 faces, representing Wrathful, embodying attachments, peaceful and calming abiding, and 24 arms, 12 arms on each side. His two legs symbolize the Energy channel containing blood and White Bodhicitta. Kalachakra tramples on the terrified Deity "Kamadeva" near Kamadeva his consort Rati and "Rudra" near Rudra, his consort Parvati is seated near him.