Machig Labdron Statue | Dakini Statue | Traditionally Hand Carved 24K Gold Gilded



Machig Labdron Statue, Dakini Statue Gilded with 24K Gold

Machig Labdron is known as a reincarnation of Yeshe Tsogyal and the renowned eleventh century tibetan Trantric Buddhist Master. This Statue has one face with two hands. Her right hand plays a golden drum in the sky, the left supports a bell at her hip. Her three eyes gaze into space. Her hair is bound atop her head, the rest flowing free down her back. Her naked body is adorned with bones and jewels, With her right leg flexed and the left straight and she dances.

Size: 36cm/15.3"(Height) and 27cm/10.6"(Base)
Weight: 2.584kg
Materials: Copper, 24K Gold, Gemstones