Maitreya Future Buddha Statue | Gold Plated Tibetan Himalayan Art

SKU: MBM1848


Gold-Plated Maitreya Future Buddha Statue 

This statue of Maitreya Future Buddha was traditionally crafted in our studio, utilizing decades of statue-making expertise. The statue's body was carved from copper and carefully coated with genuine 24K gold. We have also used acrylic paintings to highlight the facial expression of the deity. Here the deity is depicted seated on a moon disc lotus with both hands in the Dharmachakra Mudra—the gesture of instructing and rotating the Wheel of Dharma—held at the level of his heart. Each of his hands holds a lotus stem that reaches the statue's rear and represents his might and purity. Precious stones and gems are set into the lotus, robe and the lotus seat. This statue weighs about 11.74 kg. 

This statue has accurate traditional iconography and fine details and will be a perfect addition to shrine to a devotee like you from Nepal.

Size: 18.8"/48cm (Height) x 14.1"/36cm (Base)
Weight: 11.74 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Maitreya, in the Buddhist tradition, the future Buddha, presently a bodhisattva residing in the Tushita heaven, who will descend to earth to preach the dharma (“law”) anew when the teachings of Gautama Buddha have entirely decayed. Maitreya is the earliest Bodhisattva around whom a cult developed and is mentioned in scriptures from the 3rd century CE. He was accepted by all schools of Buddhism and is still the only bodhisattva generally honored by the Theravada tradition.