Mini Jambhala Statue | Buddhist Wealth Deity

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Mini Statue of Jambhala, Deity of Wealth and Prosperity 

This mini Jambhala Statue is made by machine and electroplated with 24k gold. We have depicted a deity on top of a sun disc lotus seat with a semi-wrathful expression in this Buddhist statue. In his right hand, he holds a citron fruit, and in his left, a mongoose. 

This mini Jambhala statue can be a great gift your friends and family. 

Size: 4.3"/11cm (Height) x 3.9"/10cm (Base)
Weight: 0.396 kg
Material: Machine made and 24k gold electroplated

Kubera's Buddhist Sculpture depicts the lord of wealth and the savior of the north. Dzambala's blessing and the value of his practice are universal. It helps us to minimize or reduce all misfortunes and obstacles while increasing all good fortune and happiness.