Mini Vajrapani Statue | Traditional Buddhist art

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Traditionally Crafted Mini Statue of Vajrapani 

Electroplated with 24k gold and carved out using a machine. This mini Vajrpani statue is depicted as standing upon a lotus flower with a wrathful expression and a halo of fire behind him. Vajrapani's name means the “holder of a thunderbolt,” representing the power aspect of complete enlightenment. The thunderbolt represents the clarity of pure thought leading to enlightenment in early Buddhist iconography. 

Size: 3.9"/10cm(Height) x 3.1"/8cm(Base)
Weight: 0.230kg
Material: Machine-made and 24k gold electroplated 

Vajrapani, holding a Diamond Scepter, is the manifestation of all of the buddhas' boundless power and the first meditational deity in this series to be depicted in a wrathful form. He is standing, adorned in a tiger silk cloth and donning a deep blue color. His hands are in a menacing mudra, which is used to overcome obstacles, and his right hand is holding a vajra, which represents the enlightened force of full spiritual awakening. He has a third eye of wisdom on his forehead, and flames of wisdom energy emanate from all of his mighty body's pores. The name Vajrapani refers to the wielder of the Vajra, which represents the power of total enlightenment.