Namgyalma Statue, Ushnishavijaya, Handmade 24k Gold Tibetan Buddhist Statue



Beautifully hand-carved Namgyalma, UshnishaVijaya Statue

Namgyalma is one of the three long-life deities. Her practice not only dispels life obstacles, but it also purifies negativity and downfalls and protects against birth in the lower realms.
Her practice is such a powerful purification.
Also known as Usnisavijaya “Victorious Queen of Crowning Light,” is an effulgent white goddess who bestows long life and grants rebirth in a Buddha paradise. She arose from the brilliant rays of light that crown Shakyamuni Buddha. The flamelike crown of light (Unisa) is a sign of spiritual mastery, a result of the Buddha’s attainment of infinite knowledge, awareness, and vision. The topmost portion of the head is regarded as the seat of inner vision and cosmic consciousness, the “ divine eye” that perceives spiritual truths and subtle phenomena beyond the range of the physical senses.
Moreover, a yogic concentration of psychic energy in the crown of the head endows the usnisa with a supernal luminosity, sometimes likened to the blossoming of a thousand-petaled lotus of light. This crown of glory after which Usnisavijaya is named is invisible to ordinary sight and hence signaled in artistic representations by a diadem, turban, or

This unique hand-carved Namgyalma statue with turquoise and coral small inlays shows an intricate work. Beautifully calm expressions on the faces, gilded with pure 24K Gold.
Size: 38 cm / 14.9" (Height) x 30cm/ 11.8" (Width)
Weight: 9.76 kg
Medium: 24K Gold, Copper Body, Precious Corals, and Turquoise
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