Set of Pancha Buddha | Five Directional Buddha Statues in 24K Gold | Himalayan Treasure Art

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Set of Five Directional Buddha Statues in Pure 24K Gold: Amoghasiddhi, Vairocana, Ratnasambhava, Akshobhya and Amitabha

The Buddha of five directions are widely practiced by the Vajrayana Buddhist all around the globe. This magnificently hand carved gold Buddha statue set (Pancha Buddha) is here for your practice. Each of the Buddha is individually curated and depicted as seated on a double lotus seat. The monk's robe is finely carved full of swirling patterns. They are portrayed as expressing a unique hand gesture.

Since all the five Buddha statue are carved by the same artisan, the each of the Buddha holds a common aura, regarding the facial expression and the carving style. Perfectly made, this combination of 5 buddhas is perfect set to meditate upon!

A set of masterpeice Buddha Statues from Nepal!

Size: 24cm /9.4 '' (height) 20 cm /7.8'' (width) : Individual Size
Weight: 10.86 kg (combined weight)


The Five Buddhas represent the purified manifestations. They are the five aggregates, elements, wisdom, senses, and sensory perceptions. The five aggregates or 'heaps' (skandha) comprise the components of all sentient beings.
Namely: form (body), feeling (sensation), perception (discrimination), motivation (conditioning), and consciousness. Each of the Five Buddhas was assigned a direction, a consort, a progeny of bodhisattvas and deities, a color, an animal throne, a specific mudra, and a symbolic emblem or attribute.