Parvati Devi Gold Gilded Statue | Traditionally Hand Carved Art

SKU: PT615


Traditionally Hand Carved Gold Gilded Statue of Parvati Devi

The Goddess Parvati Devi Statue was expertly carved by us in our studio from a body of pure copper, then painted with acrylic colors to highlight the statue's details. It was created by the most talented artisans in Kathmandu. The goddess is shown sitting with her legs crossed while her left leg is raised over her right and her right arm resting on on the ground. She has a serene and calm facial expression gilded with a pure 24k gold leaf. She wears hand-carved body ornaments with embedded gemstones. We can assure you that the statue was made from the best materials, will last for many years, and will make the ideal present for you.

Size: 7.4"/19cm (Height) x 3.9"/10cm (Base)
Weight: 2.152 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Goddess Parvati is the wife of the supreme Hindu god, Shiva. Daughter of the mountain king Himavan and queen Mena, She is the reincarnation of Sati, the first wife of Shiva. Vaishnavites revere the goddess Parvati as Vishnu Vilasini, also known as "she who lives on Vishnu," according to the Mahishasura Mardini Stotram. She is viewed as the holy spirit that exists between a man and a woman, much as Shiva and Shakti's energy. Although the goddess Parvati is typically shown as a kind and loving mother goddess, she is also linked to several wrathful personas that she assumes to battle evil and demons, including Durga, Kali, the ten Mahavidyas, and Navadurgas.