Ratnasambhava Jewel Born Statue | Antique Finish Sculpture

SKU: RSO4781


24k Gold Gilded Statue of Ratnasambhava Jewel Born Buddha 

Sumptuously rendered in exquisite detail, the Ratnasambhava Jewel Born Statue is a timeless work of art that adds a touch of luxury to any home décor or Altar. Crafted with a timeless antique finish, its serene expression is the perfect accompaniment for a sophisticated interior.

Ratnasambhava's statue is composed of copper alloy and 24k gold-gilded. Ratnasambhava is shown seated on a moon disc lotus seat, his right hand in the gesture of generosity, 'Varada mudra,' and his left hand carrying an alms bowl. 

Size: 13.3"/34cm (Height) x 8.6"/22cm (Base)
Weight: 4.19 kg
Material: 24k Gold Gilded, 24k Gold & Acrylic Paintings, Copper Body, Antique Finished

Ratnasambhava is one of the five Dhyani Buddhas in Tibetan Buddhism. He is associated with the element of earth and the direction of the south. Ratnasambhava is often depicted in yellow or gold, which represents his association with wealth and abundance. Ratnasambhava's name means "Jewel-Born" or "Origin of Jewels," and he is often associated with the Ratna, a precious jewel that represents the Buddha's teachings. He is also associated with the transformation of pride into wisdom and the cultivation of equanimity and generosity. Ratnasambhava is often invoked in Tibetan Buddhist practices to overcome feelings of pride, envy, and lack and to cultivate a sense of gratitude, generosity, and abundance.